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funny-cartoon-turkey-picturesThanksgiving is so much more than a turkey dinner! Thanksgiving is all about  thanking  for the gifts of life, love, joy, and more. Yes, we get to see family and friends and we get to eat a great meal. But our central purpose should be to give thanks for the life we have…


 When is Thanksgiving?

 The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving

The Chemistry of Thanksgiving 1

The Chemistry of Thanksgiving 2

Biology and Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Music

Thanksgiving and Technology

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The History of Black Friday (text)

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Black Friday (NY TIMES)


On the fourth Thursday in November, Americans celebrante Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, people give thanks for the harvest that will feed then through the next year.

Families get together and have a feast. They have corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy, and roast turkey.