These links provides you with resources to understand Christmas from different perspectives.


Biology and Christmas


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Thanksgivings Resources

funny-cartoon-turkey-picturesThanksgiving is so much more than a turkey dinner! Thanksgiving is all about  thanking  for the gifts of life, love, joy, and more. Yes, we get to see family and friends and we get to eat a great meal. But our central purpose should be to give thanks for the life we have…


 When is Thanksgiving?

 The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving

The Chemistry of Thanksgiving 1

The Chemistry of Thanksgiving 2

Biology and Thanksgiving

P.E. Games 1

P.E. Games 2

P.E. Games 3

Thanksgiving Music

Thanksgiving and Technology

Protocol 1

Protocol 2

The History of Black Friday (text)

Black Friday Video 1

Black Friday Video 2

Black Friday (NY TIMES)