There is a new noticeboard for our Bilingual Project. It is placed in the central corridor. It will give all the interesting information about our project. Besides, many of your works will be shown there. Now, you can see a expositon about English literature by our  Eso 1 Apel students.

All your contributions are welcome!!


Europe Day

Last Friday, our students in ESO1 celebrated Europe Day. In groups, they created different stands with information about 28 European countries. At the same time, students had to visitand  the exhibition gather some information. Congratulations to all of you who took part in this great project.


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Spelling Bee

Today, we have celebrated the final stage of our Spelling Bee Contest. All students in ESO2 participated but only 6 of them reached the final. The finalists were:

  •  2A. Álvaro González.
  •  2B. Germán Ruíz.
  •  2C. Abbie Kate Hicks.
  •  2D. Pepa Moreno.
  •  2E. Diego Mateo.
  •  2F Ricardo Ramos.

After several exciting rounds, Germán won the title. Congratulations to all the participants and to Germán, the first Champion of the Spelling Bee Contest in La Pedrera.



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