Chosen Hill School

Students from Chosen Hill School visited us from 17th to 20th March. We all had a great time together. Many friendships were made, and some reinforced. We went bowling, to Seville, had a lunch together at La Pedrera and even we shared some time at the beach.

It  was a very sad to say goodbye to them, but we are sure that some relationships will last long. We are looking forward visiting Gloucester next June.

Spelling Bee. Second Edition

Last Tuesday, February 22nd, it was held the second edition of our Spelling Bee contest. Fco. David Vela, Charlie Andersen, Héctor Rodríguez, Nicolás Sampedro and Cristina Jiménez were the contestants in the final round.It was an amazing round, although Cristina did not want to take part in the contest. Charlie and Héctor made it to the final. After some words we had the winner, HÉCTOR!!!

All the finalists of our first edition were in charge of giving the medals, and Germán Ruiz, our first winner, gave Héctor his trophy.

We have to thank all the English teachers un ESO 2, Juan Pedro, Patricia, Rosa, M Carmen and Susana, and Beatríz, our assistant teacher, who perfectly read all the words. See you at the Third Edition of our Spelling Bee!!!